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With over 50 years’ experience in South Africa, AIG has built a responsive claims organisation committed to fast, cost efficient claims resolution.

With our global Claims team we are well equipped to deliver a superior claims service and help clients successfully mitigate losses.

Individual Claims

How to submit a claim

We understand how important your claim is and we offer you 2 different ways to submit the details.

  • Either follow our simple on line process by clicking the CLAIMS ONLINE button,


  • Or call us on 0860 113 522. (The call centre is open Monday to Friday from 8h00 until 16h30)

How to submit a claim

We understand how important your claim is. Claim Online is the quickest, most convenient method for submitting a new loss. Follow our simple on line process by clicking the  CLAIM ONLINE button.

Accident/Attempted hijacking of vehicle

          Repairable accident

  • Photos of the damage
  • Driver's licence

    Write-off accident - If the vehicle is financed
  • Photos of the damage
  • Driver's licence
  • Settlement letter
  • Copy of registration certificate

    Write-off accident - If the vehicle is not financed
  • Photos of the damage
  • Driver's licence
  • Original registration certificate


  • No additional documentation other than claim form required

Theft/Hijacking of vehicle

        If the vehicle is financed

  • Settlement letter
  • Copy of vehicle registration documents
  • Copy of ID

        If the vehicle is not financed

  • Copy of de-registration certificate
  • Copy of ID

Hail/Storm damage

  • Photos of the damage


  • Photos of the damage

NB: please note preferred suppliers: Glasfit, PG Glass and Auto Boys.

Claims procedures

A completed claim form that has been signed by the Insured Person, copies of the airline ticket, the Policy Receipt or Schedule, and other items that may be necessary, are required on all claims together with the following documents for the different types of losses. 


Emergency Medical Expenses

(a)  All bills to be submitted with claims. 

(b)  If Illness is possibly pre-existing then the Insured Person is to supply his normal Medical Practitioner's report stating what treatment was received prior to the commencement of the Insured Journey, unless additional premium has been received to purchase Waiver of Pre-existing Conditions. 

(c)  Name of the Medical Practitioner as well as his address and telephone number. 


Death, Disability and Injury

(a)  Medical Reports. 

(b)  Death Certificate indicating cause of death. 

(c)  Inquest and post mortem reports. 

(d)  Police Report if death is due to a motor accident. The police station and reference number if death is the subject of criminal investigation. 

(e)  Claim Notification Period for this Section will be 90 days. 


Cancellation or Curtailment

(a)  Relevant Medical certificates or death certificates in the case of death. 

(b)  Original air-tickets or Travel documents. 

(c)  Proof of deposits not recoverable. 

(d)  Police Reports in case of accidents or hijack. 

(e)  Proof of material loss. 


Baggage Loss

(a) The Insured Person must obtain Passenger/Property irregularity report from the relevant carrier, in order to substantiate the claim. 

(b) Police Report to be submitted if loss is due to theft. 

(c) Receipts to be submitted as proof of payment. 


Baggage Delay

(a) The Insured Person must obtain Passenger/Property irregularity report from the relevant carrier, in order to substantiate the claim. 

(b) Receipts for emergency clothing and toiletries purchased, to be submitted. 


Travel Delay

(a)  Letter from airline/s detailing reason for the delay. 

(b)  Receipts for essential expenses to be submitted. 


Claims conditions

1.   Compliance The Insured Person must follow the Company’s advice or instruction otherwise the Company may decline to pay the whole or any part of the claim. 

2.   Legal action If the Company denies liability for any claim and the Insured Person does not institute legal action and serve summons on the Company (or initiate arbitration proceedings if the Company has agreed to submit to arbitration) within 12 months after such repudiation, all benefits of such claim shall be forfeited. 

3.  Notice of claim and proof of loss 

3.1 The Insured Person must give the Company notice in writing: 

a) within 90 days of an Accident which may give rise to a claim under section 2 of this Policy. Any benefit related to death will only be payable if the Company receives written notification of the death within 30 days. The Company shall have the right to have a post mortem examination of the body conducted. 

b) within 30 days of any other occurrence which may give rise to a claim under this Policy. 

3.2 The Insured Person must, at his own cost, provide whatever certificates, information and documented evidence (“Evidence”) is required by the Company regarding the Insured Event.

4.   Recoveries All recoveries net of the Company’s actual recovery costs will be distributed firstly to the Company for all amounts paid and any remainder will be paid to the Insured Person. 

5.   Fraudulent Claims If the Insured Person, or anyone acting on his behalf use any fraudulent means or devices to obtain any benefit, then any amount payable in respect of such claim shall be forfeited. 

6.   General 

6.1 The Insured Person shall submit to medical examination at the expense of the Company as often as shall be required in connection with any claim. Any report generated as a result of such examination shall be the property of the Company and shall be deemed to be confidential information of the Company. 

6.2  Medical Treatment shall be sought and followed promptly on the occurrence of an Injury or Illness and the Company shall not be liable for that part of any claim which in the opinion of a Medical Practitioner arises from the unreasonable or wilful neglect or failure of any Insured Person to seek and remain under the care of a qualified  Medical Practitioner. 

6.3 All claims arising from criminal incidents are to be supported and accompanied by a certified police report. 

6.4 The due observance and fulfillment of the Policy insofar as it relates to anything being done or complied with by the Insured Person, shall be a condition precedent to liability to make any payment under this Policy. 

6.5 The Company shall have the right to access any current or prior medical records of the Insured Person in order to finalise and/or proceed with the assessment of a claim and/or render medical assistance. By virtue of this clause, the Insured Person shall be deemed to have given the Company written consent to access any of the Insured Person’s current or prior medical records. 

6.6 No amount payable in terms of this Policy shall bear any interest. 

Commercial Claims

In order for us to provide the appropriate level of service, when submitting your claim please ensure you use the correct mailbox. Claims forms sent to individuals in the Claims department are unlikely to be registered and acknowledged within the 24 hour SLA we work to.

Personal Accident
Financial Lines
Personal Lines

Depending on the type of claim you are submitting, please ensure you attach supporting documentation such as the driver’s license, quotations, third party details, SAP case number, copy of the registration certificate, damage or incident report, photos or black-list (ITC) number.

Once we have received your claim we will notify you within 24 hours of the claim number. However this process can be delayed when critical information is missing. For example, if there is no date of loss we will not be able to process the claim and will send it back to you. Similarly your claim can be delayed if for any reason there is an underwriting delay such as an outstanding renewal or endorsement relevant to the claim. Any delays relating to those specified here will be notified to you within 24 hours.

Once your claim has been registered and allocated a claim number it will be assigned to an adjuster within one of three Centre’s of Excellence or COE as we know them. This ensures that each and every claim is managed by an adjuster specializing in that line of business, offering the appropriate service for that type of claim.

Express COE

Our AIG Express staff work in our Shared Service centre in Kuala Lumpur and are focused on quickly handling lower value claims.

These tend to be claims which are straight forward, tick all of the boxes or do not require a loss adjuster (property claims) or any further investigation.

Complex COE

Our team  of experienced complex adjusters are here in South Africa and will receive claims which fall outside of the Express COE segmentation and are not allocated to the Major Loss COE.

Examples of these are:

  • Property claims which require a loss adjuster or investigator
  • Auto claims where the vehicle is uneconomical to repair or stolen
  • All casualty/financial lines claims
  • Potential fraudulent claims
  • Claims not covered

Major Loss COE

As a Global Company we have access to worldwide expertise. Having identified our most experienced loss adjusters in all Regions across AIG, we make use of their technical knowledge for all losses above a certain threshold which is determined by line of business.

Overseen by our local Claims Managers (listed below), our Major Loss adjusters are based in London and ensure the best possible resolution for our most complex losses.

The quickest way to resolve things is to contact our locally based line of business Claims Managers who are here to ensure a seamless process across all Centre’s of Excellence.

Line of Business

Accident and Health
Casualty (liability)
Financial Lines
Personal Lines



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Beverley Chame
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Heleen Ferguson
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Heleen Ferguson
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Beverley Chame

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All the managers are able to help you in the event that the specific line manager is not reachable.