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We want to make it as easy as possible for you to get your claim to us. Our agents are on standby to assist with any claims-related queries or to provide assistance with the website. You can contact us on the number below.

The call centre is open Monday to Friday from 8h00 until 16h00 on 0860 113 522

Emergency assistance

Roadside & Home Emergency Assistance - The 24-hour emergency call centre is available if you find yourself in an emergency situtaion related to your insured asset. 

For assistance please call the following number: 

0861 244 767 or 0861 999 006

What's inside AIG Claims

Our priority at AIG is to resolve your claims as quickly as possible. We have built a responsive claims organisation that is committed to fast, cost efficient claim resolutions and are equipped to deliver superior service while helping you to successfully mitigate your loss.

You can submit a claim online by clicking on the ‘submit a claim’ button or you can call us using the numbers provided under Make a Call. Alternatively you could complete a claim form which can be obtained under ‘Claim Forms’.  When submitting a claim form, please make use of the email addresses dedicated to each line of business.  

We will acknowledge your claim within 4 hours and provide you with your claim number as well as the details of the dedicated claims examiner assigned to your claim. In the event that critical information is missing, we will notify you that the claim cannot be registered and the reasons for this.

Once the claim has been assigned, the dedicated claims examiner will be in contact within 24 hours advising the current status of the claim as well as any information or documentation that may be required.

Experiencing a loss can be a devastating experience. However big or small, our priority is to resolve your claim as quickly as possible, whilst providing you with the proactive support you need to get you or your business back on your feet.

Not only will we help you when your claim occurs, but we aim to help you mitigate potential future claims.

By leveraging our global claims data, fraud trend analysis and expertise around new exposures, we are here to help to reduce and manage your risks more effectively.

Working with the business and functions we aim to demonstrate the value that AIG Claims brings to clients and brokers.

The AIG Claims Promise affirms that our dedicated team of claims experts will mobilise in rapid response to a covered event and, after coverage is confirmed, will advance our policyholders up to 50% of an agreed loss estimate within 7 days, giving them the immediate working funds they need for damages, repairs, clean-up costs and extra expenses.  

Line of Business Manager Email Contact number

Accident & Health including Hospital Cash, Death

Beverley Chame

+27 11 551 8235


Beverley Chame

+27 11 551 8235

Casualty (Liability)

Prashnie Panday

+27 11 551 8235

Financial Lines

Seonita Avery

+27 11 551 8239


Daniel de Fonseca

+27 11 551 8219


Daniel de Fonseca

+27 11 551 8219


Daniel de Fonseca

+27 11 551 8219

Head of Claims

Sharon-Ann Botoulas

+27 11 551 8404

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