Multinational Insurance

Delivering a seamless globally consistent client experience

Conduct business with confidence and consistency, whether you operate in two countries or 200 

No matter where you are today, or wherever you will be tomorrow, we offer the protection and the service you need to do business with confidence. Our innovative, collaborative approach and resources enable clients to make timeous and informed decisions. This helps in securing multinational solutions that are best fitted to their organisations. 

Multinational Insurance Solutions

A Multinational Foundation

Whether you operate in two countries or 200, conduct business with confidence and consistency by partnering with a trusted partner who can provide customised and seamless multinational solutions.  


Global Claims Excellence

With 9,000 claims staff gloablly as well as a robust network of partners, no matter where in the world you experience a loss we will be able to get an experienced claims professional to you to service that loss.  

Partnering in a world of risk and opportunities

As the world grows every day, so do risks. By partnering with AIG SA, you are partnering with an ally known for its innovative approach accross the risk spectrum. This means we have the ability to react to our multinational clients' risk transfer and risk retention needs, regardless of the size or how complex they may be, and we will continue to grow with our clients as their exposures grow around the world.      


Multinational Tools and Processes

This protects the business in the event that lawsuits or similar claims are made against the business. This includes public liability, professional liability employer’s liability and management liability cover.


Multinational Insurance policies are short-term products and are underwritten by AIG South Africa Limited, FSP No: 15805