Investment Management Insurance

Cover for all your professional and managerial liabilities as an investment manager, fund or adviser.

Investment Managers have to be all things to all people. Whether it is managing institutional funds to satisfy corporate expectations or looking after someone’s hard earned savings that will realise dreams and provide for a good life, managing investments is a challenging task for highly qualified individuals.  

Investment Managers juggle multiple roles being directors, advisors and employers within increasingly regulated Management and Fund entity structures. Add to that the inherent unpredictability of the financial markets and investors increasing desire for economic recourse, makes for a potentially litigious combination.  

In response to this challenging reality, AIG offers one policy covering all your professional and managerial liabilities as an investment manager, advisor and fund manager, without gaps. Our Investment Management Insurance (IMI) wording offers substantially expanded coverage formulated in a clear and transparent language.

Features and Benefits

  • IMI provides coverage for financial losses resulting from errors or omissions in management and when providing investment advice, including negligent errors, omissions in any written material such as investment memorandums. 
  • IMI covers defence costs and costs to prepare for, attend and adhere to any official investigation, examination, or inquiry.
  • IMI offers worldwide protection.
  • IMI offers emergency defence costs as well as public relations expertise.
  • IMI extends cover to include Stock brokers liability.

Who is it for?

Investment managers, investment advisors, and investment funds. 

What is covered?

  • As a Manager: liability of the directors, officers as well as employees in managerial/supervisory positions;
  • As a Professional adviser: liability for negligent errors, omissions by the directors, officers, employees and the entity;
  • At a Personal level: family members are covered in case they are drawn into actions; and directors or employees personal assets are protected;
  • As a Company: protection from infidelity of employees and third party computer crime;
  • As a Business partner: avoiding material intervention in your business.

Investment Management Insurance policies are short-term products and are underwritten by AIG South Africa Limited, FSP No: 15805