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Each business has different needs. At AIG we understand this, that is why we offer a commercial combined policy. This provides a good all round insurance solution. These types of policies combine a range of essential covers to provide the business with affordable but comprehensive cover. Our commercial combined policies contain all of the standard insurances. In addition our customers benefit from a range of extra covers and services. These are designed to help our customers reduce their risks of having to claim or broaden their protection.

What is covered?

Property Damage

Property damage covers the business in the event of a loss or damage to the owner or tenant of a building.  


Business Interuption

This covers the business in the event that the business cannot operate as a consequence of an insured incident. This business will be compensated for the loss of income as a result of the incident.

Business All Risk

This form of cover allows for the business to be covered for a loss or damage of specified insured property anywhere in the world.  

Electronic equipment

This covers specified electrical equipment that is used by the business. This includes items such as computers, cell phones and laptops.


This protects the business in the event that lawsuits or similar claims are made against the business. This includes public liability, professional liability employer’s liability and management liability cover.


This form of cover allows for the business to be covered in the event that a loss or damage to motor vehicles is as a result of an insured event.  

Who is it for?

Cover is available for small and medium business enterprises.  



SME Policies are short-term products and are underwritten by AIG South Africa Limited, FSP No: 15805