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We structure solutions that help clients to insure the risks that traditional coverage either does not cater for or is economically ineffective.  Through a mix of client funding (pre or post loss) and risk transfer, we provide programmes that meet our clients’ requirements by giving broad coverage (i.e. flexible terms and conditions) and allowing for evidence of insurance where it might not otherwise be available. 


Access to significant risk support and financing capacity.

  • Stability of price and coverage made possible with multi-year policies.
  • Flexibility to develop bespoke insurance needs.
  • Can enable M&A transactions to proceed where difficult risks need to be insured before a merger or acquisition can be completed.
  • Evidence of insurance (for commercial or regulatory purposes).

Who is it for?

Large corporate clients and financial institutions looking for unique solutions for complicated exposures.



Structured Insurance policies are short-term products and are underwritten by AIG South Africa Limited, FSP No: 15805