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Energy Insurance

The world of energy is a complex and specialised place.  At AIG, we believe it takes the same degree of specialisation to properly assess the insurance and risk management needs of those engaged in these businesses.

We are consistent and reliable providers of stable lead capacity with engineering specialists in the field throughout the world. We work with local, multi-country and global clients.

We have one of the insurance industry’s largest and most experienced worldwide loss control teams focused on assessing offshore, construction, property, machinery and mechanical breakdown related exposures, including risks unique to oil refinery, power generation and chemical manufacturing.

Our focus is to help manage risk in order to reduce or mitigate potential loss caused by fire, explosion, windstorm, flood, earthquake, collapse as well as mechanical and electrical breakdown exposures.

We work with our brokers and customers to provide best in class, cost effective solutions to improve upon existing risk management programmes.


  • Deep understanding of the industry, environment and operations, extensive specialised expertise, innovative solutions, substantial capacity and financial strength
  • Truly global approach to protecting and insuring energy risks
  • Access to specialist in-house loss control and engineering expertise
  • Claims teams located worldwide
  • Alternative and renewable energy consultancy services

Who is it for?

Physical Damage and Business Interruption Cover to:-

Major construction and erection projects, Oil refineries, petrochemical works, On and offshore oil rig drilling, Mining (above and below ground level) of whatever nature, Power generating of whatever nature, Chemicals Manufacturing

What is covered?

  •  Mobile Offshore Drilling Units and Offshore Vessels
  •  Operators Extra Expense
  •  Fixed Offshore Property and Business Interruption
  •  Onshore Erection / Construction All Risks
  •  Onshore Energy Property Damage and Business Interruption
  •  Offshore Business Interruption (Oil Rig product)
  •  Land Rigs and Miscellaneous Property Insurance (Oil Rig product).