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Liabilities Loss Control & Prevention

AIG liability policies are supported by a range of loss prevention and risk management tools and programmes. These can be deployed across the insurance lifecycle – as part of the underwriting process, over the term of the policy or in response to claims performance – depending on how they can best assist and deliver value.

  • Product Liability – consideration of product protection strategies from raw material and component sourcing to product design and distribution
  • Third Party Liability – identification of potential impacts on third parties and the adequacy of existing systems to manage the risks and reduce the likelihood of litigation and reputational damage.
  • Site Controls – review of arrangements relating to the control of persons and activities on and around site, including the management of visitors, contract workers, and deliveries.
  • Emergency Arrangements – evaluate existing programs to reduce risk from threats such as fire, chemical spills, health emergencies, natural disasters and terrorism.


Online product safety service training for products liability customers’ staff, to  help improve safety standards and mitigate accidents that could lead to injury claims, property damage and expensive product recalls.

Guiding customers through any agreed risk improvements test their existing systems for scenarios that could potentially lead to an opening of the claim floodgates, or prompt a series of spurious claims.

Who is it for?

Loss Control can be deployed across a wide range of Liability policies.



Liabilities Loss Control and Prevention policies are short-term products and are underwritten by AIG South Africa Limited, FSP No:15805