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Excess Liability

A Commercial Excess liability policy protects businesses against third party major claims that could exceed their primary liability insurance protection. This product extends to include employers’, public/products and motor third party property damage liabilities.


  • True Broad form policy coverage providing unique and tangible solutions which can be structured in conjunction with other AIG entities.
  • Available capacity of $100m.
  • Dedicated team covering underwriting, loss control and claims management.
  • Online health and safety, supply chain management and contractor training.

Who is it for?

Excess of Loss (Follow Form): single-territory, international, multinational

Umbrella - providing broadened cover across multiple small to medium sized risks.

Non-conventional placements, difficult and potentially catastrophic risks.

Multinational risks.

North American exposures: both exported products and domiciled risks.

Energy and utilities.


Manufacturers such as chemicals, minerals, metals, electronics and machinery.

Service industry and financial institutions.

Communication, media and technology.

Food and beverage.


What is covered?

  • Providing excess capacity above primaries irrespective of where primary is placed.
  • Umbrella Liability providing capacity as well as unique broadened cover across multiple risks.



Excess Liability policies are short-term products and are underwritten by AIG South Africa Limited, FSP No: 15805