Bankers Blanket Bond

Bankers Blanket Bond

Insurance for the financial institution covering all its employees. This includes instances of fraud, dishonesty, theft, forgery and third party computer and funds transfer fraud.


  • Able to write policies in US$ as well as other foreign currencies
  • Ability to write in foreign territories 
  • Insured definition includes subsidiaries and companies in which the insured holds a controlling interest
  • Extremely wide definition of employee


Who is it for?

All financial institutions including Banks, Hedge Funds, Insurance Companies, Building Societies, Fund Managers, investment Managers, Stock Brokers, Venture Capital Firms and Finance Companies.

What is covered?

Cover includes 7 insuring classes:

  • Infidelity of employees.
  • On the premises.
  • In transit.
  • Forgery or alteration.
  • Securities.
  • Counterfeited currency.
  • Offices and contents.

Bankers Blanket Bond policies are short-term products and are underwritten by AIG South Africa Limited, FSP No:15805