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With our challenging economic environment, businesses in all sectors face difficulties.  Many financial institutions encounter additional pressures due to increased regulation, strict capital and lending criteria, and a global drive to increase transparency and enhance shareholder protection.

Taking a holistic approach, our team creates tailored solutions for your company’s risks.

Bankers Blanket Bond

Insurance for financial institutions that covers instances of fraud, dishonesty, theft and forgery.

Captive Programmes

Substantial risk transfer capacity and multi-line global solutions.

Cyber Liability

Cyber risk protection for commercial entities.

Directors & Officers Liability Insurance

Enhanced protection for directors, officers and employees acting in management or supervisory capacity.

Excess Liability

Providing excess capacity above a business’s primary liability insurance protection.

Group Personal Accident Insurance

Comprehensive personal accident insurance for your employees, covering total or partial disability due to a work related accident.

Kidnap & Ransom

Immediate access to specialist response consultants who advise on the complex and sensitive issues around the safe release of the victim.

Liability Buyouts / Loss Portfolio Transfers

Reduced liability for your complex exposures.

Professional Indemnity

Protection against unsatisfied customers and complaints due to the professional services they received.

Representation and Warranties Indemnity

Cover for breaches in representations and warranties given in the sale of a business.

Structured Insurance

Structured solutions providing flexible broad coverage.

Business Travel Accident Insurance

All-important emergency assistance covering medical emergencies, trip cancellation, baggage loss or delay, loss of passport, death and disability.

Commercial Auto

Vital auto cover for your commercial fleet.

Deductible Programmes

Ideal for primary layer risk retention.

Evolving Risks

Tailor-made cover for the non-traditional risks.

Financial Institutions Professional Indemnity (FIPI)

Tailored insurance products to cover financial loss to a third party.

Investment Management Insurance (IMI)

Cover for all your professional and managerial liabilities as an investment manager, fund or adviser.

Liabilities Loss Control & Prevention

Loss prevention and risk management tools and programmes.

Primary Liability

Tailor-made insurance to cover your general and product liability.

Property Terrorism & Sabotage Insurance

Protection for your business against terrorist acts.

Retrospectively Rated

Solutions for those multinational companies with a low cost of claims.