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Plus+ Products

Add PLUS+ Products to differentiate your company or products, generate a new source of revenue or provide unique benefits at no extra cost to your customers through your loyalty programmes, providing distinctive value through added insurance protection.

The products listed are illustrative only. These products are tailored to your customers' needs so product benefits and exclusions will vary.

Identity and credit card protection Back To Top

Position your company as one that protects its customers in an ever-changing technological environment.

Identity theft

Our ID theft product reimburses the expenses incurred in resolving an identity theft and offers assistance in re-establishing a person’s credit rating. The cost of recovering from an identity theft can be considerable and our cover includes:

  • Legal expenses 

  • Lost wages for time off from work 

  • Tools to recover the customer’s identity, including sample letters that can be used to contact financial institutions, credit bureau, collection agencies and law enforcement agencies.

ATM assault and robbery

If customers are robbed within 15 minutes of withdrawing money from an ATM, anywhere in the world, our cover will: 

  • Reimburse the money stolen 

  • Pay a cash benefit for insured injuries.

The products listed are illustrative only.

Product protection Back To Top

Appeal to your ‘sharp shopper’ customers. These customers plan before making a purchase. They value and seek protection for items purchased, and want to be sure that damages and defects do not cause them financial distress.

Purchase protection
Cover that goes beyond the manufacturer’s warranty and protects customers’ purchases if they are stolen or accidentally damaged within 90 days of purchase.

Price protection
Reimburses any difference between the purchase price paid for an item and a lower printed advertised value for the same item within the agreed time frame. Limits are available by request.

Key replacement cover
There are few things more disruptive than being unable to enter a home or car because the keys have been lost or stolen. Key replacement cover can reimburse the following costs:

  • Break-in protection: the cost of replacing locks and keys if a home or vehicle is broken into 

  • Lock-out reimbursement: the cost of obtaining a locksmith if locked out of the residence or vehicle after the loss or theft of their keys 

  • Rental car reimbursement: the cost of a rental car if a lost or stolen key will take more than 24 hours to replace.

E-Guard covers customers who purchase personal, portable electronic equipment, including personal music players and mobile phones. The cover includes:

  • Accidental damage to electronic equipment 

  • Personal electronic equipment lost in a burglary or robbery 

  • Theft of a wallet 

  • Identity theft.

Home emergency
Help your customers keep their home running smoothly by covering emergency work on plumbing, boilers, gas and electrical systems.

Mobile phone cover
A fast, easy service to cover the cost of replacing your customer’s mobile phone handset, mains charger or battery if it is stolen or accidentally damaged

The products listed are illustrative only.

Lifestyle protection Back To Top

Reach your ‘smart lifestyle’ customers. These customers are easy to target due to their hobbies. PLUS+ Products enable your business to offer meaningful protection to this defined group of customers who take time to enjoy life and are seeking protection to reduce worry when having fun.

Golfer’s insurance
Golfers cover whilst they are playing at any golf course or club and cover includes:

  • Legal liability for accidental injury to others or property damage 

  • Hole-in-one coverage to reimburse ‘19th green’ expenses (any ‘hole-in-one’ claim must be supported by an authenticated official certification from the recognised golf course) 

  • Loss of clubs and personal effects, including bags and other personal items 

  • Accident, injury or death.

Ticket sales cover
Encourage your customers to buy tickets in advance. If your customers cannot attend an event or show, they can get 100% of the cost of their tickets returned. Covered reasons include illness, serious injury or death, airline delays, traffic accidents, unavoidable business trips and jury service. Strengthen customer relationships and encourage future purchases.

The products listed are illustrative only.

Disaster protection Back To Top

Some customers choose to plan ahead. You can’t predict a disaster, but cautious customers like to know they have done all they can to protect themselves if they are faced with one.

Disaster cash cover
Provides fast cash towards expenses after a home has been made uninhabitable for more than 48 hours due to an insured event (for example, a fire, flood or storm damage).

Disaster mortgage cover
Disaster mortgage cover is designed to complement existing homeowners’ policies and reimburses an agreed level of monthly mortgage payments after a home has been uninhabitable for over 48 hours because of an insured event. If a home becomes permanently uninhabitable, an agreed lump-sum contribution is made towards the outstanding mortgage balance repayment. The cover does not apply to the repair or rebuilding of the property. This protection gives your customers the security of knowing their mortgage payments will be reimbursed.

Car cash cover*
For customers who need to keep on the move. This cover provides an advance payment towards a new vehicle if your customer’s car is stolen or ‘written off’ by a fire or collision. There is also an option to pay towards a hire car or other transportation while your customer’s temporarily disabled car is being repaired. The benefit cannot exceed the car’s current market value.
*This is not car insurance

The products listed are illustrative only.

Enhanced vehicle protection Back To Top

Cautious customers buy cover in advance. Help your customers prepare for the unexpected, and cover the expense of accidents or repairs when driving in the UK or abroad.

Collision Damage Waiver and Supplemental Liability
Customers who rent vehicles – particularly frequent travellers – are the target market for this product. Collision Damage Waiver and Supplemental Liability cover can protect your customers if a rented vehicle they are driving is involved in an accident. The cover includes:

  • Liability  

  • Property damage

  • Accidental damage and theft

European breakdown cover
If your customers plan to take their own car to Europe, our breakdown cover will provide 24/7 roadside assistance, with English-speaking operators to help them on their way. It covers roadside repairs, rescue and repatriation to the UK if needed. Go the extra mile for your travelling customers.

The products listed are illustrative only.