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Management Liability

Directors work in a tough regulatory environment and companies throughout the world face a battery of laws, codes and standards. We are one of South Africa’s leading D&O insurers and our new flagship Management liability D&O insurance product for large and medium sized companies provides broader cover, with fewer restrictions and more value added services. All this is underpinned by one of the most experienced D&O claims teams the industry has to offer.
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  • Non-rescindable policy for individuals (unless fraud) 

  • Defence costs, damages, and settlements for “wrongful acts” 

  • Employment Practices Liability cover (including emotional distress) for individuals 

  • No pollution exclusion. 

  • Bodily injury/property damage claim defence costs (sublimited) 

  • No trustee exclusion 

  • Legal fees and expenses up to full policy limit for attendance at any investigation into the affairs of the company or an individual insured 

  • Outside directorship cover 

  • Severability of proposal form and conduct exclusion 

  • No insured vs insured exclusion for non-US claims

Cover Extensions

  • R2,5m limit per non-executive director (over and above standard limit and indemnification provisions, and up to 10% of the limit of indemnity) 

  • Emergency pre-approved defence costs (up to 20% of limit) 

  • Assets and liberty costs cover (including bail bond and director disqualification– full limits)

  • Automatic cover for new non-US subsidiaries and for US entities valued within 25% of total group assets
  • Bilateral discovery period 

  • Lifetime runoff for retired directors 

  • Company crisis loss cover (sublimited)

Value Added Services 

  • Additional regulatory crisis response cover (sublimited) 

  • Public Relations expenses (sublimited)


  • Included past, present, and future directors, officers, employees, shadow directors, outside entity directors, spouses, administrators and executors of insureds’ estates

Policy Form and Indemnity Limit 

  • Full retroactive cover on claims made basis Policy limits of up to USD 50 million plus R 2,5 million for each and every Non-Executive Director (NED)

Option: Entity Cover for Securities Claims 

  • Insures the company up to same indemnity limit as D&O Liability policy 

  • Up to 100% Entity cover irrespective of whether an insured is named as a co-defendant 

  • Claims in respect of public or privately traded securities 

  • Judgments, settlements, and defence costs


  • Fraud 

  • US Insured vs Insured 

  • Prior and Pending Litigation

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R2,5m cover for Non-Executive Directors
Helps company reassure and retain non-executive directors by providing a R 2,5m additional limit of indemnity for every NED, above and beyond the overall policy limit.

Non-rescindable policy for individuals
Sleep-easy reassurance for directors that, once the policy is incepted, cover will not be withdrawn because of errors or fraudulent non-disclosure in the policy form that may have been completed by another director.

Full investigations cover
A frequent source of claims and an area of cover that is often sublimited, but AIG Management liability provides cover up to the full policy limits.

Extensive outside directorship cover
Blanket cover provided automatically other than for high risk industries, including removal of the non-stacking provision. No capital share threshold.

Emergency pre-approved defence costs
To facilitate an insured’s best defence when they can’t contact us first, emergency defence costs are covered up to 20% of the policy limit.

Regulatory crisis response cover
A specific fund of up to £100,000 is available to use at the insured’s discretion in facing a regulatory crisis (such as a dawn raid). This is over and above specific investigations cover.

Lifetime runoff for retired directors
“Sleep-easy” cover for directors who have retired or resigned from the company (except where there is a transaction).

Bodily Injury/Property Damage Defence Costs
Applies where a claim is made against an individual insured for bodily injury or property damage for extra protection (sublimited)

No Pollution or trustee exclusions
Examples of how CorporateGuard is there for the reassurance and protection of individuals in an even greater number of circumstances.

PR costs
PR costs now available as soon as an individual faces a claim or investigation to protect their professional reputation (sublimited)

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