General and Products Liability

General and products liability are essential insurance covers.  Without them there would be no protection from the potentially enormous costs of legal fees and payouts resulting from an accident or injury caused by business activities.

General liability covers awards of damages given to a member of the public because of an injury to their property caused by you or your business.  It covers the business whether the incident occurs on your property, or theirs.  It also meets the cost associated the award, like legal fees, costs, expenses or medical treatment.

Product liability insurance covers you against damages awarded as a result of damage to property or personal injury caused by your product. The passing of the recent Consumer Protections Act has also heightened the exposure of business owners.  The revised act also imposes strict liability and the government has now mandated that all companies have recall plans in place. 

The types and levels of cover suitable for a business will be governed by its nature and activities, but also affected by considerations like liability laws in other countries that it trades or operates in. As a world-leading liability insurer, AIG has the products and – critically – the expertise to provide outstanding cover. Our global reach and innovative use of risk reducing services and tools are at our clients’ service.

Product Highlights & Features Back To Top

Target Market

Small and large corporates including multinationals.


Can offer up to $ USD 100 million in capacity depending on risk and coverage

Benefits & Features

  • Possibility of multinational program
  • Availability of loss control engineers
  • Financial loss cover depending on industry sector and risk type
  • Inefficacy depending on risk type
  • Recall expenses

Multinational Programs Back To Top
  • Largest geographic footprint of any global insurer with offices in 130 jurisdictions
  • Local insurance company contact for your overseas subsidiary
  • Stand alone global programs to ensure regulatory and tax compliance in foreign jurisdiction
  • Issuance of local policies in local foreign languages to meet local legal requirements and insurance anomolies
  • Largets claims foreign network of any insurer
  • Local claims handling for complex foreign claims in the country where the foreign subsidiary is located
  • Controlled master programs ensuring consistent global coverage, tax and regulatory compliance in foreign jurisdictions, and differences in conditions cover where foreign cover is limited.
  • Cost efficiency
  • Global exposure covered under one consistent program controlled by corporate headquarters

Loss control engineering Back To Top
  • Global and local loss control expertise to ensure clients mitigate the risk of injury to by their business to third parties and customers
  • Access to global experts with years of liability loss control engineering expertise
  • Consultation by loss control experts at no costs to AIG insureds